A survey of the HBAA‘s members shows the majority of UK event venues have increased their attention to safety and security in the last six months. Hotel and event-booking agencies are also more likely to ask about procedures than in the past.

Of the more than 300 members, nearly 63.3 per cent of venues have reviewed or changed their safety or security protocols in the last six months. More than 42 per cent have also carried out real-world simulation exercises as part of their update.

Meanwhile, 60 per cent of agencies say they’re asking venues more questions about safety and security, taking the answers into consideration when making recommendations to clients.

Cyber security is also at the forefront of considerations, with 58 per cent of venues paying either ‘much more’ or ‘considerably more’ attention to this area. A further 36 per cent have shown more interest in looking at their policies.

Louise Goalen, HBAA chair, says: “While venues continually keep their safety and security procedures under review, it is interesting to see how many have been prompted by actions and growing concerns to look more closely at their procedures and preparations.”


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