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BBT March/April 2018
March/April 2018
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British Airways axes flights to Lusaka

British Airways will suspend flights from Heathrow to Lusaka in Zambia from the start of its winter schedule on October 27.

The airline currently flies on the route three times per week with outbound flights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but these services are being cancelled because they do not make a profit.

“The flights are being suspended because they don't make a profitable contribution to our business,” said BA in a statement. “We are always reviewing our route network to ensure it is in line with the needs of our customers.”

BA will instead add three extra flights from Heathrow to Accra in Ghana from October 27. This follows Virgin Atlantic’s decision to drop the route from later this month.

The airline is also to add an extra weekly flight from Heathrow to Entebbe in Uganda – this will take services up from three to four per week from the start of the summer 2014 schedule in March.

In another move, BA will reduce weekly services from Heathrow to Johannesburg from 17 to 14 per week for summer 2014. The airline is planning to use one of its new A380 superjumbos on the route from February.




My daughter is due to fly home in Nov from Lusaka what happens to her return flight

Price's picture
Price (not verified)

This is what BA says:

"Customers booked to fly with British Airways after October 25 and 26, 2013 will be offered a full refund."

Rob Gill's picture
Rob Gill

Lusaka International airport is due a major facelift and now is the time for the Zambian government to bring in other big player to fill the gap. I hope Virgin will take advantage and replace BA on this route. BA became too complacent and are paying the price for shoddy service. Emirates have given BA a run for their money.

FutureZed's picture
FutureZed (not verified)

BA has been a poor airline for Zambia. Bad service and rude staff. The only reason they had a monopoly is that other Airlines were not allowed landing rights by BAA. I hope now Airlines like Virgin will be allowed to fly the Lusaka route.

patel raja's picture
patel raja (not verified)

My wife and I were BA Gold card holders for 8 years .. The staff were rude, the aircraft dirty .. Emirates are spotless and extremely pleasant. We voted with our feet!

K Schofield 's picture
K Schofield (not verified)

I am sad to hear that British Airways will be suspending flights to the Zambian capital Lusaka.
I have spent my childhood living in Zambia and the British airline has been flying there for many years.

BOAC used to fly to Lusaka which was taken over by British Airways which then started flying to Lusaka. Another airline British Caledonian started flying to Lusaka from London Gatwick Airport. British Airways stopped flying to the Zambian capital. Zambia Airways was the only Zambian carrier flying to London Heathrow to Lusaka until it went into liquidation. British Caledonian was absorbed by British Airways in 1987 making it the only airline flying to the Zambian capital.

Now there will not be any direct airlines flying to Lusaka from London. I admit Lusaka Airport needs to be upgraded. If the country stops flying to Zambia the country will lose tourists, air navigation fees, landing fees and also parking fees which is so vital to the Zambian government as the economy is doing so well.

Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

British Airways should consider resuming flights to the Zambian capital Lusaka with immediate efect as it will drastically affect the tourism industry in Zambia. Zambia does as yet not have its own airline operating long haul intercontinental flights .The economy of the country is improving and is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.
By having to fly to another African country with British Airways and get a connecting flight to Lusaka would take the ordinary traveller much longer time and put them at inconvenience. There might also be delays with flights at the connecting

Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I have been visiting Mufulira in Zambia for the last 6 years once a year with groups of teachers, doctors and students from Somerset in UK who have twinned with this famous Copperbelt mining town for the last 20 years. BAs abandonment of the route is sad and incomprehensible. It was almost always full whenever I flew it. It also sends an awful message as many in the UK have deep relations with Zambia. I returned this am from Mufulira, leaving Ndola by Pro-Flight P309 on Friday 24th at 13.30 hrs, then changing to SA Airways at Lusaka and catching a return BA flight from Jo'Burg. It cost me double BAs direct flight. Glistening on the runway at Lusaka was Ethiopian Airlines brand new Dreamliner and many other airlines will fill the gap. Foolish foolish BA.

Anthony Lipmann's picture
Anthony Lipmann (not verified)

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