Travel risk consultancy Drum Cussac has released its 2019 Global Risk Map, which provides businesses with an overview of the threats that may face travellers and operations over the next 12 months.

Combining insights from Drum Cussac’s in-house intelligence and analysis services team with infographics, the white paper can be used as a tool for organisations with global business interests.

The report breaks down developing situations across five key global regions, including Brexit and tensions in Ukraine for Europe, Argentina’s faltering economy and the US mid-term elections in the Americas, situations in both Yemen and Libya in the Middle East and North Africa, continent-wide election uncertainty in Sub-Saharan Africa, and terrorism in Southeast Asia for the Asia Pacific region.

Drum Cussac says the Global Risk Map is underpinned by risk intelligence and on-the-ground insights and follows on from its World Map of Risk released in October.

Tom Roberts, head of intelligence and analysis services, said: “Following a turbulent year that started with a nuclear stand-off on the Korean Peninsula and that is ending with clashes between Ukraine and Russia at sea, the world is becoming ever more complex for individuals and organisations alike. Therefore it is vital to understand the potential threats you face in order to avoid, mitigate or respond effectively to them. Our Risk Map is an essential tool in any forward-thinking organisation’s risk management arsenal.”

Download a copy of the report here

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