The Montcalm London Marble Arch hotel is training its staff to use Google Glass to “enhance its guests’ experience”.

The staff at the five-star property will use the new technology so they are able to offer advice on local restaurants, shops, travel plans and directions.

Montcalm said by using Google Glass its staff will be able to “better engage” with guests and “frees them from restrictions of being behind a desk”.

“The Montcalm London Marble Arch is always looking to be at the cutting edge of guest services and technology, and the use of Google Glass is a great way to combine the two,” said Rahul Arora, managing director of Luxury Hotels Group – who led the training.

“It’s early days for Google Glass in the UK, and we are excited to be a pioneer in our industry.”

In May expense management firm Concur agreed a deal to allow travellers to use its Tripit organising tool on Google Glass.

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What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a device, mounted on the frame of a pair of glasses that projects tiny images inside a prism. Using liquid crystal-on-silicon technology, this then redirects the images into the wearer’s eye.

On the frame is a camera, microphone and GPS, as well a small computation device. Glass can be controlled by voice, head movements, or by tapping the frame. It is tipped for release at the end of this year.

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