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BBT March/April 2018
March/April 2018
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Vueling faces fine over flights chaos

Vueling aircraft

Low-cost carrier Vueling is facing an inquiry and possible fine in Spain after a series of cancellations over the last few days.

More than 8,000 passengers have been affected by 46 cancellations at Vueling’s home airport, El Prat in Barcelona, over the last few days with many travellers facing delays of up to 12 hours.

The airline, which is owned by IAG and is a sister company to British Airways, has blamed the problems on “operational difficulties” without giving further details.

Spanish authorities said that Vueling would face an inquiry over the problems which could lead to a fine.

Vueling’s commercial director David Garcia Blancas said: “The company would like to reiterate the message that it is sorry to all of the passengers who have been affected by the operational difficulties during the last few days.

“All passengers who have suffered a cancellation have been reallocated a seat in the next available flight or - including in cases of delays of more than three hours - we have offered a refund of the value of the ticket to those who no longer wish to fly.”


Whilst Vueling quiet rightly face an enquiry and possible fine from the Spanish Authorities about their recent 'operational difficulties' it would be nice to see a level playing field where the European National Air Traffic Providers who have caused so much unnecessary disruption should also be investigated and fined. An amended Article 261 to include Air Traffic providers or their Unions as liable to compensation claims would do nicely.

Howard Sanderson's picture
Howard Sanderson (not verified)

Not just flight chaos, also luggage chaos. They`ve sent my sister-in-law's luggage all over Europe, then back to the departure terminal, over the last week, no notifications, no compensation, hours of waiting on hold, and a vacation ruined because they had nothing with them. Bravo.

Sonja Broomfield's picture
Sonja Broomfield (not verified)

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