Serviced apartment providers Silverdoor and Citybase Apartments have announced the formation of a new parent company, Habicus Group.

The creation of the new company follows Silverdoor’s 2016 acquisition of Citybase Apartments and its Central London Apartments and Orbital Partnership brands. To coincide with the news, the company has also launched new brand identities for all subsidiaries.

Silverdoor Apartments will remain exclusively corporate focused, while the Central London brand will reposition itself as a portfolio of luxury properties and Citybase will offer greater online availability, according to Habicus Group.

The technology suite Orbital Platforms has also received an overhaul and apartment provider membership will be by invitation only. Member properties can book apartments for clients in locations they wouldn’t be able to fill themselves.

Habicus is also launching a new self-booking tool for Silverdoor’s corporate clients, enabling buyers to manage their serviced apartment requirements online and receive insights through management information. Habicus says the platform will allow travel managers to incorporate serviced apartments into their programmes.

Marcus Angell, managing director of Habicus Group, said: “We have been operating as a group of companies since last May and in that time it became apparent that we need a parent company to be able to refer to all of our brands as a whole.”

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