Traditional local taxi operators are set to take on ride-hailing firms as Cabnet, a private network of licensed taxi companies, announces its new app.

Available in more than 600 towns and cities across over 70 countries worldwide, Cabnet’s app will allow passengers to book taxis and use cashless payments using their smartphone.

The app – available on both iPhone and Android devices – works with any taxi that is a member of Cabnet, which represents nearly 11,000 carriers around the world, including in London. It will search for providers in a specified geographical area and manage the booking process, including payment.

Customers can also use the payment feature in taxis that have been hailed or booked without using the app by scanning the driver’s barcode or using their mobile phone number.

Furthermore, the app provides ‘taxisafe’ route tracking for personal security during a trip and enables customers to review their journey and provider after the ride – something that will come in handy for businesses and their duty of care responsibilities.

Cabnet members all work for themselves or for licensed taxi companies, meaning they set their own fares according to local regulations.

Neil Hallett, CEO of Cabnet, said: “Cabnet is unique. There is no other service where a single app lets you book, pay for, track and review licensed taxi rides – no matter where you are or plan to be – but offers the know-how and experience of long-established, properly licensed local taxi providers.

“It has all the benefits of Uber and the like but can work in so many places where these companies aren’t licensed to operate and, with the introduction of cardless payment, it enhances the established taxi experience by offering a single app that works anywhere, with no need for cash.”

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