This week we report on an American acquisition for FCm Travel Solutions, Virgin Atlantic’s play for the business traveller, the planned merger of SN Brussels and Virgin Express and more good news for UK hotels.

As BCD Holdings formally completed its take-over of TQ3 Travel Management holding form TUI and its erstwhile partner BTI re-launched under is new name Hogg Robinson Group or HRG, another smaller travel management company reminded us that there were not the only kids on the block.

FCm Travel Solutions announced that it had bought a US TMC for $9m – its first but unlikely to be its last acquisition in the States.

Since its launch with global pretensions last year, FCm not quite been seen as a global player in the same light as the far bigger and powerful Amexes and CWTs of the industry.

Despite fully owned operations in the UK, where it is a major player, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and India, a joint venture in China and a string of partners in Europe, many doubted if it would ever make the leap for regional to global player.

That stills remains the case but the doubts have at least been reduced.


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