Home sharing sites such as Airbnb and Home Away are not as widespread in corporate travel programmes as other shared services, a new study has found.

A GBTA/America Express study showed less than 30 per cent of company travel policies allow travellers to use these sorts of accommodation sites, with just 9 per cent saying they will increase their use in the near future.

However, the survey of 405 UK business travellers showed 51 per cent of policies now allow use of ride share services such as Uber and Lyft, suggesting many companies have ensured their policy reflects the new providers and technologies available.

It showed more than a quarter of millennial business travellers (18-30) will increase their use of ride share services – none of those over 55 surveyed have plans to increase usage.

A report in July found Uber and Lyft bookings now account for almost half of the overall ground transportation category in the US.

The study found that it’s millennials (18-30) driving technological change as consumer travel habits “continue to impact the business travel experience and corporate policy”.

“Younger travellers show clear appetite for using sharing economy services, and have high expectations when it comes to connectivity,” said Fabienne Cauli, VP, global client group, EMEA and APAC.

“These issues are only going to become more prominent in the years ahead, as Millennials represent an ever-growing proportion of the workforce,” she added.

The study also found 43 per cent rate the health of their industry as ‘excellent’ – but only 22 per cent would rate the overall health of the economy as such.

Catherine McGavock, GBTA Regional Vice President, EMEA, commented: “UK business travellers have made clear their views on many aspects of business travel and, whilst 70 per cent of them are generally satisfied with their overall business travel experience, they have pinpointed some areas which those servicing the travel market could improve, for example, when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity.

“Recent years have seen unheralded changes in consumers’ technological and service expectations and we’re now in an era where people expect to be able to work and communicate via the internet wherever they are.”

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