New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a $10 billion plan to redevelop and expand JFK airport.

The international hub, which received more than 60 million passengers last year, will see terminals updated and major improvements to road and rail access.

Based on the recommendations of the Governor’s Airport Advisory Panel, Cuomo wants an airport that is “equipped to meet the demands of the 21st century”.

“New York never backs down from a challenge, rather we step up to take on the ambitious projects that are often thought to be impossible. That’s exactly what transforming JFK International Airport is all about,” Cuomo said.

We are New York, and we remember the bravado that built this State in the first place, and that is the attitude that will take JFK and turn it into the 21st century airport that we deserve,” he added.

The redevelopment will focus on six areas:

  • Interconnect terminals by expanding newer terminals and redeveloping/relocating older terminals.
  • Redesign the on-airport roadways to evolve into a “ring road” configuration, to allow for easier and quicker access to all of JFK’s terminals, including for taxis, ride-sharing and for-hire vehicles.
  • Expand parking lots within the ring road layout with clear short-term and long-term parking options.
  • ‘World class’ amenities such as retail and conference and meetings facilities
  • Expand taxiways to reduce ground delays and add new flight slots to accommodate the airports growing passenger demand.
  • Major improvements to security technology

Cuomo said he expects up to $7 billion to come from private funding while the state Department of Transportation will add $2 billion.

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