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Buyers predict more travel but tighter budgets

ATPI Corporate Travel 2018 predictions infographic

ATPI recently polled its corporate travel clients and found that buyers believe their people will travel more this year compared to 2018, but are also feeling under pressure to reduce costs.

In a survey of its clients, ATPI learned that 70 per cent of corporate travel managers believe their travellers will be on the road more often in 2018 than they did in 2017.

When asked where their concerns lie, the top answer was the safety and security of travellers (duty of care), followed by improving traveller satisfaction. Rounding out the top three was the pressure to reduce overall travel programme costs.

The top three points that travel managers feel can help them create cost savings are managing traveller behaviour, having a better overview of incurred expenses en-route and booking air travel in advance.

Despite cost worries, the majority of travel managers feel confident about their business outlook this year, with three-quarters saying a more strategic approach to duty of care and risk management will help them achieve their goals for 2018.

Turning to the looming shadow of New Distribution Capability (NDC), more than a third of travel managers polled believe it will ‘massively impact’ their programme, while another half admit they don’t fully understand it.

View the full infographic here.


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