WELCOME TO THE HOTLIST 2015 – where we list the people, companies and products driving change, setting agendas and making an impact on business travel.

As with previous Hotlists, these entries are the result of much debate among the BBT editorial team and key industry experts: all year we’ve been talking to our contributors, key contacts and leading figures about who, or what, is innovating, influencing or disrupting managed travel.

There are plenty of candidates you’ll recognise and people you have come across in your careers, as well as some of the industry leaders who are taking on new challenges that are likely to have a major impact on managed travel. It was also impossible to ignore those with a crucial part in the UK’s key infrastructure debates.

Click on the links below to see the list:

Agenda setters

Innovation in accommodation

Tech trailblazers

Industry influencers

This year’s list reflects a lot of the current changes happening in business travel at the moment, with a notable leaning towards those innovations in mobile technology and the shared economy.

Some of the products and concepts may not seem to have the most obvious connection to managed business travel – indeed, many will be seen as unpalatable or just too revolutionary by some buyers – but we have witnessed before how leisure travel innovations have worked their way into the corporate environment.

We hope you find the list informative, even controversial. If you have strong opinions on these entries, or think we missed something important, share your thoughts on our online forum or through our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn sites – and start helping shape the Hotlist for 2016.

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