Glasgow Airport was forced to temporarily close its runway after an aircraft had to make an emergency landing.

Jet2 flight LS189, travelling from Glasgow to Palma, Majorca, developed “pitch control issues” around 40 minutes after taking off on Thursday morning.

The pilot declared an emergency and later made a safe landing back at Glasgow.

The airport said in a tweet: “We’re open and operational following the return of an aircraft earlier this morning which led to some delays.”

All 199 passengers were safely taken off the Boeing 737-800 aircraft when it arrived back at Glasgow.

Passenger Adam Rowe tweeted after the landing: “Thank god we landed safe – the pilot and crew were first class. Not sure I want to fly again.”

Jet2 said in a statement: “A flight from Glasgow to Palma reported a small technical fault and was diverted back to base as a precautionary measure.

“The aircraft has landed safely and passengers will shortly be transferred onto a replacement aircraft.

“We apologise for the delay to the start of our customers’ holidays but their safety is our absolute priority.”

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