Business travel technology firm Rocketrip has agreed an expanded partnership with expense specialist Concur.

US-based Rocketrip sets a real-time budget for trips and then rewards employees with cash or other incentives for beating this figure.

The two firms have been working together since 2014 when they agreed to start integrating Rocketrip’s expense data into Concur’s systems.

The new expanded partnership will allow Rocketrip to automatically import Concur user lists to allow the production of more accurate and faster “budgets to beat”.

Rocketrip will also be able to analyse Concur expense reports and award points to travellers on the same day.

Rocketrip’s CEO Dan Ruch said: “We’re excited to be working closer to provide a better travel experience for employees and lower costs for their companies.”

John Gibbon, vice president of platform at Concur, added: “Our expanded partnership with Rocketrip is a great example of Concur’s platform strategy, which is focused on partnering with best of breed solutions to deliver even more value for our clients.

“We’ve seen Rocketrip dramatically lower travel costs for our customers, and we’re thrilled to work more closely with their team.”


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