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British Airways to cut legroom on some short-haul flights

British Airways tail fins

British Airways will reduce the average leg room on some European flights as it plans to squeeze more passengers on its A320 and A321 aircraft.

The move to add an extra 2 rows (12 seats) will cut passenger leg room by 1 inch to 29 inches – the same as Easyjet but less than Ryanair.

BA said the move will help keep fares low.

“From next year we’re making a small increase to the number of seats on our A320 and A321 fleet so we can keep fares low,” a BA spokesperson told The Daily Mail. “Customers fly with us because we offer quality and value in all areas.”

The changes will reportedly be made next year on short-haul flights out of Gatwick and Heathrow.

The move follows BA’s decision to stop serving complimentary food and drink on short-haul economy flights.

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It's a sad day when our national carrier is compared to low cost operators, due to diminishing standards, in a dive to the bottom chasing Group profits rather than serving loyal customers with a product to be proud of.

Ian D's picture
Ian D (not verified)

BA should now stop marketing as a full service operator. They should learn from American who I flew with last week. They were awful and have started on the coast to coast route to be a much better operator

BAGPUSS89's picture
BAGPUSS89 (not verified)

I think that the BA spokesperson missed out a couple of adjectives. The statement would have been more accurate if it had referred to DECLINING quality and INCREASINGLY POOR value in all areas.

Graham W's picture
Graham W (not verified)

So economy passengers now pay for food and have less room in which to enjoy it, not my idea of 'value'.
Let's hope the management plough these very significant cost savings into enhancing Club World by completely revamping the configuration, so that we don't have to climb over our fellow travellers to get to our seat any more.

Edward Dee's picture
Edward Dee (not verified)

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