An informal survey conducted by business travel technology company KDS at last week’s GBTA Conference 2018 – Berlin in Partnership with VDR found more than two-thirds of travel managers have low visibility into ground transport costs.

The survey also revealed it’s not just ground transport travel managers want greater visibility into, with 95 per cent saying it was important to get to grips with the total cost of a trip, including non-bookable options such as meals, before travellers book.

In order to gain back control, 54 per cent of respondents said they would prefer travellers to book their ground transportation through the same online booking and payment process as their other travel components.

And even though more than half said they’re happy with the user interface of their online tools, 31 per cent said they’re not – a worrying figure considering the vast majority (92 per cent) believe the usability of their booking tools is important and can drive cost savings and compliance for their travel programmes.

Roxana Bressy, CEO of KDS, commented: “The findings reveal a surprisingly high volume of businesses don’t have control of visibility over ground transport costs. This is concerning, as it can leave businesses exposed to invisible costs that they’re not aware of.

“Processes should be simple and intuitive for travellers to make the booking process easy. Technology should be an enabler, not an inhibitor. If the tools provided to the travellers are complex and challenging to use, then ultimately they’ll revert to what makes their lives easier. By introducing better online booking platforms, businesses can achieve greater visibility into cost, which will enable them to make strategic business travel decisions.”

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