Qatar Airways has completed its first phase of its New Distribution Capability (NDC) pilot with airline technology provider Farelogix.

The gulf carrier will now offer agent partners and intermediaries an “enhanced sales platform” to showcase the airline’s premium products.

IATA unveiled new technology standards as part of NDC five months ago. These are designed to create a more personalised way of selling flights and ancillaries through TMCs and other indirect channels.

Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker said NDC was important because in a “world of growing choice” the passenger experience is key. 

“This additional level of detail showcasing Qatar Airways premium products will only enhance everyone’s understanding and experience of our airline’s premium products, before passengers even commence their journeys,” said Al Baker.

Last week at The Business Travel Show, the airline industry was criticised for being “too slow” in introducing changes to how it sells ancillary products using its New Distribution Capability (NDC) project.

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