GBTA has introduced a new airline RFP toolkit for corporate travel buyers.

It is a revamp of the previous eight-year-old document, which GBTA said will “ease the complexity of the resource intensive FRP process”.

For years, the RFP process has been frustrating for buyers, suppliers, and consultants due to a lack of standardisation, so it was a primary goal of the committee to develop a resource that could become an industry standard and could also be flexible and adaptable to the constantly evolving aviation industry,” the organisation said.

GBTA has designed a suite of documents that reflect the shifting industry trends and the evolution of ancillary services, fuel surcharges and distribution fees, among others. It’s available for all regions and RFP scopes.

“Far too often, buyers and suppliers spend countless hours editing proposals to fit their needs,” said Jörg Martin chair of the GBTA EMEA aviation committee. “The numerous existing versions of RFPs have led to inconsistency and inefficiency. We believe this suite of documents will ease this complicated task by setting an easy to work with common standard across the industry.”

Download the new Airline RFP toolkit here.

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