Lufthansa is increasing short-haul hold luggage fees, plus adding a £4 charge on bags booked via GDS.

Passengers flying with Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss airlines on an ‘Economy Light’ ticket do not have free baggage allowance included in their fare.

If passengers want to check-in a bag, the so called ‘first bag’ can be purchased. As of June 13 the price for all three airlines will increase by £9, from £12 to £21.

On top of this, if the purchase is not made via direct channels, there will be an extra £4 charge bringing the total price for booking a bag to £25.

Lufthansa said the change is a “further step towards a personalised and differentiated offer within airline distribution”.

The group introduced different booking options, including the Light fare in 2015, with the changes coming in the areas of free luggage, seat reservations, as well as rebooking and cancellation options.

The extra GDS charge represents another change in the airline’s distribution model after it introduced a €16 fee for all non-direct flight bookings.

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