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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Capita Travel and Events wins CCS Commercial Agreement

James Parkhouse, CEO of Capita Travel and Events

Capita Travel and Events has been awarded a position on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) RM6016 Commercial Agreement for Public Sector and Venue Solutions.

The company is one of only three suppliers to be awarded a place on ‘Solution 4’ of the Commercial Agreement, which provides central government, wider public sector and third sector organisations with access to a fully managed, online and offline travel services covering UK and international rail, accommodation and air.

CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

The Commercial Agreement provides a route for eligible customer to reduce procurement process costs. It enables spend across all customers to be aggregated to achieve economies of scale, commercial benefits, improved efficiencies and savings.

Public sector organisations that select Capita Travel and Events from the agreement will have access to the company’s Smarter Working approach, which it says harnesses data insights and behavioural science to improve savings and promote employee wellbeing.

James Parkhouse, CEO of Capita Travel and Events (pictured), commented: “The Commercial Agreement allows customers to appoint service providers without having to repeat the expense of tenders, with the assurance that Capital Travel and Events could meet the highest service standards and deliver excellent value for money.

“Eligible organisations can benefit from our highly intuitive booking technology, which differs from anything else in the industry. With a smarter working approach, it changes the ways people think about planning travel to look after their own wellbeing, control organisational costs and support productivity. And with our focus on duty of care, we can remove some of the anxieties that lone female travellers, infrequent or inexperienced travellers can face.”


Congratulations to Capita T&E and all the successful companies in this tender. Winning business from the Public Sector is (rightly) no mean feat and the sales teams should be congratulated on this gargantuan effort.

Time for a quick celebration prior to the small task of implementing!

C Pouney's picture
C Pouney (not verified)

"...highly intuitive booking technology, which differs from anything else in the industry." Right, Mr Parkhouse, you mean apart from the thousands of other TMCs pedalling Concur tech...? :-)

Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

So Capita offer Concur? Great at expenses but limited travel content.....after all Concur are an expense management company not travel supplier.....why would you limit the choice to the booker?......answers on a postcard please :-)

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Anonymous (not verified)

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