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Brits think airport security ‘takes too long’

Airport security

A recent study reveals that one in seven British travellers would prefer not to have airport security, with many saying they believe it takes too long.

The survey of more than 2,300 Brits by price comparison site Jetcost found that 53 per cent believe there is too much security at airports, while 35 per cent feel the current level is adequate and only 12 per cent said there should be more.

While an overwhelming 84 per cent agreed that security checks are a necessary measure, 16 per cent believe it’s unnecessary. When asked why they feel this way, 65 per cent said it takes too long, while 31 per cent found the experience demeaning and 14 per cent called it ‘ineffective at preventing crime’.

A troubling 73 per cent of respondents reported having had a negative experience while going through security. The majority (81 per cent) had been made late for a flight and 59 per cent said they had been the subject of ‘undue’ suspicion, while 6 per cent had completely missed their flight.

A spokesperson for Jetcost commented: “I’m sure that most travellers whilst going through airport security have lamented about the amount of time it takes at some point, but it was very surprising to see that some respondents actually feel there is no need for security at all.

“Whilst it can be a tad frustrating waiting in a queue to pass through security, the safety of passengers must be paramount. The security staff do a great job to keep us all safe, and if you arrive to the airport in good time, you should never end up in a position where you are liable to miss a flight.”

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