Global hotel solutions provider HRS has launched a new real-time rate filtering automation that prevents incorrect rates from being shopped by travellers.

In 2017, research by the GBTA found that one in six hotel rates in corporate shopping channels are wrong, with companies paying 14 per cent more than their negotiated rates. HRS says it has often seen erroneous rates of 20 per cent or higher, estimating the cumulative industry lost savings of US$662 million.

The new Rate Filter addresses the issue of incorrect and so-called ‘squatter’ hotel rates in corporate booking systems. The global tool, which is machine-learned and channel-agnostic, identifies incorrect rates and prevents them from appearing in shopping channels used by business travellers, including GDSs, online booking tools, mobile apps and more.

In one case, HRS identified errors that would have cost a global manufacturing firm more than US$9 million annually had they not been fixed.

Martin Biermann, vice president of product development and innovation for HRS, said: “This filtering automation transforms the hotel rate accuracy conversation. The rampant errors in booking systems today costs companies more than half a billion dollars. With HRS’ Rate Filter, corporation will see more of the savings they negotiated, and travellers can be assured they are following designated company booking policy.”

Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS, added: “We’re disrupting the global managed travel ecosystem by putting customer success first. We use data and technology to build better solutions for today’s complex hotel marketplace.”

HRS will provide more information on the new Rate Filter at stand 3508 at the GBTA Convention, taking place in San Diego from 12-15 August.

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