Indian travel management company (TMC) International Travel House (ITH) has joined worldwide travel agency consortia GlobalStar Travel Management.

The agency – headquartered in New Delhi – has 10 IATA-registered offices, 14 car rental offices and 19 hotel travel counters.

The company is believed to have an annual turnover of USD$130 million.

According to GlobalStar, ITH services more than 100 Indian and international companies with implants and operates a fleet of more than 900 cars.

The agreement was announced at the National Business Travel Association convention in Houston.

ITH’s managing director, Jehangir Ghadiali, said: “We are excited to finally be able to offer a true multinational travel management service for our clients through GlobalStar.

“We believe that the proposition of the GlobalStar organisation fits our needs perfectly.”

Steve Hartwell, president of GlobalStar, said: “We have been in discussions with ITH for a long time.

“It’s quite impressive what it has been able to accomplish in the Indian market and we are excited to have it joining our network.”

London-based TMCs Hillgate Travel and Chambers Travel Management joined Globalstar in October last year after ATPI – a founding member of GlobalStar – withdrew its membership after a fallout regarding its agency operating agreement following its acquisition of Instone International.


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