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British Airways restarts Nairobi flights

British Airways has resumed flights to Nairobi after two days of cancellations following a severe fire at the airport on Wednesday.

BA was forced to cancel its Heathrow-Nairobi services on Wednesday and Thursday but flights will resume on Friday.

“The airport authority has put in place temporary facilities, however customers are likely to experience significant disruption on arrival and departure,” said BA in a statement.

“Due to the disruption, passengers travelling to Nairobi with an onward flight must confirm with the carrier that this flight is still operating.  Any customer travelling without a confirmed onward flight do so at their own risk.”

BA added that passengers flying from Nairobi must arrive at least three hours before departure and warned that there would be no lounge facilities available.

The fire on Wednesday destroyed the international arrivals hall. The airport is now using its cargo terminal for domestic flights and its domestic terminal for international services.

Kenya Airways has stepped up its return to a normal schedule at the airport by increasing its international flights from six on Thursday to 31 on Friday.

“After 48 hours of concerted recovery efforts following the fire that destroyed parts of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya Airways wishes to announce that we are now scaling up towards full operation of our local flights,” said the airline in a statement.

Kenya Airports Authority, which runs the airport, added: "We continue to advise passengers to confirm their flight schedules with their respective airlines before making their way to the airport.

"We want to reassure international and local passengers that while they may experience some level of discomfort and delays during travel, KAA is working with all the airport stakeholders to ensure their safety and security, while restoring normal operations as soon as possible."

Follow the latest situation on Twitter or through the airport’s website.


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