US-technology firm Rocketrip has launched a tool that rewards buyers for booking travel under budget.

‘Copilot’ means bookers can earn a percentage of the savings they receive.

Rocketrip helps busi­nesses incentivise travellers to adhere to travel policy via a data-driven budget and rewards platform. Rewards can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise, charitable contributions, travel benefits, and other rewards.

Copilot extends these incentives, so for each itinerary, bookers generate a customised “Budget to Beat” based on real-time prices for flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars. When they book under budget, Copilot awards them a percentage of the savings.

“Given that a significant volume of trips booked by our Fortune 500 clients are booked by administrative assistants, they asked if Rocketrip could reward admins for saving the company money. Copilot is our answer,” said Dan Ruch, CEO of Rocketrip.

“Just like other users, Copilots can see their potential savings and rewards for each trip, in real-time, as they put together an itinerary. With Copilot, everyone’s interests are aligned, including the company’s, the employee’s, and the buyers.”

Read a Q&A with Rocketrip CEO Dan Ruch

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