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Trump ban: European buyers expect reduction on US trips

Around half of European buyers expect a reduction in business travel for their company following US president Donald Trump’s revised executive order on travel.

The study from the GBTA said because of the travel ban, 17 per cent of European buyers have already cancelled business travel to the US.

On Monday, Trump signed a new executive order placing a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim nations. Citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen will once more be subject to a 90-day travel ban.

The GBTA poll of 148 European buyers also showed that 38 per cent are ‘less willing’ to send business travellers to the US in the future because of the ban and 45 per cent indicated their company will be ‘less willing’ to plan future meetings and events in the US.

“There is always the risk that closing our borders sends the message that the United States is closed for business, and the results of this poll show the perception of the United States as a welcoming destination for business travel has been altered,” said Michael W. McCormick.

“As we always say, security is paramount, but GBTA continues to be a proponent for expanding proven security programs and developing new technology to facilitate information-sharing among governments to ensure travelers are always vetted properly, making us all more safe and secure,” said McCormick.

Additional findings from the polls:

  • 44 per cent of European travel professionals reported their organisation currently has employees traveling abroad who might be or are affected by the current travel ban.
  • 20 per cent of European travel professionals reported there are directives within their organization to cancel or delay travel of employees who are nationals of countries included in the ban.
  • When asked about top concerns regarding the immigration ban on your travelers, increased traveler harassment in general (41 per cent), uncertainty regarding green card and approved visa credibility to enter the United States (34 per cent), and harassment of U.S. travelers to and from the Middle East (34 per cent) topped the list. More than one-third (34 per cent), however, didn’t share any of the concerns listed.


Well, this has been the greatest mistake made by the stupid American voters, since these voters wanted a unique person to lead their country in a different direction, " Make America Great Again" I think this has put America in the worst spot light in every which direction an average person takes it and it will take this country in the wrong direction in coming years. I can assure you these racist so called "White Americans from mid west and southern states" who voted for Trump will be disappointed in coming years. The whole transportation industry will be hurt this year for Travel Ban issue. The next year could be worst for transportation industry. The Americans are definitely making this nation "Make America Shit Again".

Q Butt's picture
Q Butt (not verified)

Dear Q Butt...really? I would suggest you do your own due diligence. I'm one who voted for President Trump and I personally find your remarks unintelligent and the standard for a whiny, low-hanging fruit liberal. I would submit the opposite will prevail. Best wishes to you!

BJC's picture
BJC (not verified)

Americans don't like to hear the truth, only talks about things they like to do make it worst. Myself I am a republican but did not vote for this idiot president, since he is short minded only things for pure white Americans and on the other hand I think Realistically with both side of the parties, since i like to see this country get better in so many ways instead of going back. We are definitely going back with his ideas and soon enough with his ideas will come in real life which will hurt all of us and our children's in long run.

Q Butt's picture
Q Butt (not verified)

'Q Butt' (that's a name or a moniker?) needs to exercise caution before going into print with language like this. Labelling tens of millions of Americans as racist is a dangerous business even if it is a word bandied around by liberal media like it's going out of fashion. As for the crux of this matter, the travel ban, well take stock at the end of the year of how much political decisions have influenced travel. You might be in for a surprise. Have you never heard of substitution?

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D Bentley (not verified)

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