Travel technology company Airportr has announced a £2 million investment from Stobart Group. The funding will allow the mobile luggage check-in and delivery service to offer flexible baggage transportation solutions to airlines and airports.

The partnership comes after the UK government called for evidence to create a new aviation strategy, including city check-ins for luggage. According to Airportr, improving such services will improve accessibility, customer experience and security.

Airport launched in October 2016 with British Airways and is the first technology of its kind to be integrated into airline booking systems. The company says Stobart’s ownership of the entire supply chain allows it to address capacity constraints for airlines and airports.

The investment is part of Airportr’s larger funding round designed to enable it to partner with more airlines and cities in the next three years. As part of the partnership, all Airportr vans will be co-branded with Stobart.

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