Business travel consultancy Nina & Pinta, corporate travel auditing firm Topaz International and marketing consultancy Dots & Lines have partnered to form the Nina & Pinta Group to serve clients in the managed travel space.

All three companies will be able to serve clients via a global footprint and shared expertise in each organisation’s respective focus areas, according to Nina & Pinta.

In addition to announcing the strategic partnership, all three companies and the Nina & Pinta Group released branding changes. Topaz International will become Topaz, while further adjustments for each firm will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

The combined group will retain all current offices for each of the three companies in London and Johannesburg, as well as Kennebunkport in Maine, Winston-Salem in North Carolina, Austin in Texas and Atlanta in Georgia.

Jo Lloyd, partner at Nina & Pinta, said: “With the joint expertise the group has in strategic consulting, training, auditing, marketing and communications, we truly bring a full suite of services to clients. We are now able to serve clients within the managed travel space from A to Z – from sourcing to programme optimisation to audit to implementation and strategic communication.”

Brad Seitz, CEO of Topaz, commented: “Although each company in our new global network lends a different area of expertise to the group, there are several commonalities that make this move a natural fit. First and foremost, we are all passionate about serving our clients, making their jobs easier, and giving them the expertise and support behind the scenes needed to help them excel in their roles. We are also an agile, creative and energetic group with a great dynamic who stand ready to serve current and future clients within an exciting, constantly changing global business environment.”

Katherine Williams, partner at Dots & Lines, added: “We are very excited to announce this strategic partnership with Nina & Pinta and Topaz in the creation of the Nina & Pinta Group. The areas of specialisation of each company within the group are incredibly complementary, and I look forward to working with the Nina & Pinta and Topaz teams.”

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