Savelyev’s strategy stretches up to 2015

Vitaly Savelyev, Aeroflot’s new ceo, began his first day today (April 10) with the aim of developing strategies to ensure the airline’s growth and competitiveness until 2015. 

His strategy aims to create a new short-term business plan to meet the new challenges facing the airline industry sparked by the current economic crisis.

Mr Savelyev’s priorities include investigating cost-efficiency programmes to help insure the airline’s competitive edge and also reaffirming its commitment to preserving its workforce, one of the largest in Russia.   

Last month Mr Savelyev replaced Valery Okulov, who was sacked after 12 years as ceo.  He joins Aeroflot from financial and industrial group Sistema. 

He was also Russia’s deputy minister for economic development in 2004-2007.

Mr Okulov has taken up a new role as deputy transport minster.

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