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French strike set to disrupt travel

Passengers travelling to and from France have been warned there could be disruption to their journeys due to a national strike by public sector workers including air traffic control staff.

The industrial action started at 20.00 local time (19.00 BST) on Monday (September 9) and is due to run to 08.00 local time (07.00 BST) on Wednesday (September 11).

Airports and operators have warned of potential disruption to services although major companies such as Eurostar, Easyjet and British Airways are expecting to run normal schedules.

"The strike participation by members of the Public Sector Department is still ongoing. Some Easyjet flights are experiencing delays, however the impact to our flying programme is minimal," said Easyjet in a statement.

"We still recommend that anyone travelling to/from French airports this evening (September 10) should check the status of your flight before leaving for the airport. Our flights that operate through French airspace are subject to small delays however we are proactively re-routing these where possible."

BA said in a statement: "British Airways is currently planning to operate a normal schedule but there is the potential that services may be disrupted."

European air traffic body Eurocontrol said that the "main problems" caused by the strike were in the north-west of France and Marseilles.

Workers on France’s SNCF rail network are expected to join the walkout but most TGV services are likely to run as normal with only some regional trains affected.

Eurostar said its services would not be affected by the strike and are “expected to run as normal” during the 36-hour stoppage

“Eurostar customers making a connecting journey and who are impacted by the industrial action have the option of exchanging their tickets for an alternative date,” said the train operator in a statement.

For details on the French rail services affected by the strike, click here


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