Corinthia Hotels has launched a new initiative aimed at improving the nutrition and sleeping patterns of delegates who attend meetings and conferences.

The Malta-based upmarket operator, which has nine hotels including its flagship London property, unveiled its Performance Sleep and Food for Thought programmes for meetings during an event at its Budapest hotel.

Performance Sleep has been developed in association with London-based Dr Guy Meadows, who runs the Sleep School which aims to help companies to improve the sleep of employees – particularly those who travel regularly or work shifts. Meadows said: “In the corporate world, sleep is essential for performance. If you are deprived of sleep, your creativity drops by two-thirds.”

The Sleep School’s corporate packages being offered through Corinthia have three different levels giving tips and advice on techniques to improve sleep while travelling and dealing with issues such as jetlag. The highest level package offers management consultation with organisers, as well as one-to-one sessions with “high need” individuals or departments.

Corinthia has also launched Food for Thought menus at its nine properties. The menus have been developed in consultation with nutritionist Jeannette Hyde, formerly travel editor of The Observer.

The programme offers alternative menus to traditional conference fare such as pastries, biscuits, cakes, orange juice, white carbohydrates and coffee, which create “sugar rushes” and then sudden bouts of tiredness.

Hyde said: “It’s difficult to eat right when you’re travelling, as you have no control over what you are eating during conferences. The menus are designed to provide the right food for business travellers so they can focus in meetings.” She said the menus focus on using a variety of proteins, whole grains and vegetables to offer more nutrients for the brain, and offset the “roller-coaster effect” when blood sugar levels are constantly rising and falling during the day.

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