Eurostar has benefited from a nine per cent rise in UK business travellers during the first three months of 2017.

This increase in corporate business helped the train operator to raise sales revenue by 15 per cent to £232 million, compared with the same quarter in 2016. Over the same period, passengers rose by two per cent to 2.27 million.

The train operator said the business travel market is “proving robust” with overall corporate passenger numbers rising by six per cent from January to March – helped by an even stronger UK market.

Eurostar was also boosted by an increase in passengers from outside Europe including a 13 per cent rise in US customers and an 18 per cent upturn in demand from the rest of the world.

Nicolas Petrovic, Eurostar’s CEO, said: “The last quarter has been marked by a resurgence in the number of overseas travellers coming to Europe, buoyed up in part by the favourable exchange rates.

“With our new-state-of-the-art trains offering increased capacity, we are well-placed to take advantage of the growth in visitors coming to our destinations.”

Eurostar said that passengers travelling from London to Brussels would be seeing a “step change” in their experience as new e320 trains are introduced on to the route and the renovation of the Eurostar terminal in Brussels.


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