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Uber loses drivers’ rights appeal

Uber app

Uber has received another blow in the UK market, with the Employment Appeal Tribunal overturning its appeal over whether drivers are classified as independent contractors or staff.

The original ruling made last year said Uber drivers should be given the same rights as employees, including holiday pay, paid breaks and the national minimum wage. The firm argued that all of its drivers are self-employed and therefore under no obligation to accept requests for rides through the app. It claimed that 80 per cent of drivers prefer to be classed as contractors rather than employees.

However, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has rejected Uber’s appeal, saying its ruling stands in this particular case, saying drivers had no power to negotiate rates with passengers and had to accept work on Uber’s terms.

Uber has said it intends to continue the appeals process through the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, a hearing on Uber's appeal against Transport for London's decision to revoke its private hire licence is due to take place in December. 


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