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Business travellers think they're ‘digitally savvy’

Business travellers believe they are tech-savvy, according to KDS

A survey by KDS shows that a large portion of business travellers believe they are proficient when it comes to digital tools and expect business technology to match its consumer counterpart.

An astounding 98 per cent of respondents consider themselves to be advanced or intermediate users of digital tools. Furthermore, 83 per cent said their perception of current and prospective employers is impacted by the company’s attitude towards the connected world.

When asked how technology impacts their booking habits, 62 per cent said they chose digital methods because they’re easy to use, while 44 per cent liked the speed these tools offer. However, the survey highlighted that there may be some productivity savings to be made on repeat bookings, with 68 per cent saying the majority of their trips are to the same place and 58 per cent spending between 20 minutes and an hour on the booking process.

Showing that technology is helping business travellers gain some independence, 54 per cent of respondents said they book their own travel compared to 46 per cent who go through an agency or have an assistant do it for them. On the downside, 48 per cent of technology providers don’t measure user satisfaction, 58 per cent of business travellers want easier and faster ways of booking and 38 per cent want processes to be more personalised to their preferences and habits.

Bleisure was highlighted as a trend once again, as 81 per cent of participants indicating they’ve extended a business trip for a mini-holiday (with 20 per cent doing so often and 61 per cent occasionally). But they still prioritise digital options – 51 per cent said connectivity is important, even on holiday, and 27 per cent would not go somewhere if they couldn’t connect digitally.

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