Buying Business Travel magazine has undergone a redesign, and has been reorganised into new sections that will be easier to navigate.

In keeping with a rapidly changing business travel landscape, the magazine now features more tools, resources and best practice tips to help readers better perform their jobs. In addition, there’s more focus on the individuals shaping the industry.

In the know
BBT is also introducing new articles, including Report Back, which analyses industry white papers; The Bigger Picture – a focus on corporate social responsibility; 4SIGHT – a forum designed to provide at-a-glance insight into industry talking points; and Loud & Clear, where leaders in the travel industry can share their stories.

Elsewhere, new feature Life on the Other Side offers a glimpse into the lives of business travellers, how they organise their travel and their experiences on the road.

Following extensive research, BBT readers said they would like to see more interviews to find out what makes today’s travel leaders tick. So you’ll see more commentary from the industry at large. In this issue, there are two exclusive interviews with the chief executives at United Airlines and American Express Global Business Travel.

The expanded publication will have regular news and conference reports, plus MICE updates and reviews. Your favourites, including Ask the Experts, Mystery Buyer, Buyer Q&A, Buyer’s Guide, Databank, and Diary have a fresh, clean look. And our regular columnists will continue to share their commentaries on the issues of the day.

BBT’s features continue to cover a broad range of sectors, highlighting the news and trends readers need to know about, incorporating quick-view statistics.

Time to evolve
As the business travel industry’s one-stop resource for information – with a readership responsible for £18 billion in annual corporate travel and meetings spend – BBT will maintain its partnerships with key industry conferences, shows and networking events.

Editor Matthew Parsons said: “I’m pleased to announce the redesign of Buying Business Travel. We’ve recognised that our readership has evolved, and how the managed travel ecosystem is changing, too. Our new approach to BBT’s content reflects the ongoing innovation in technology and distribution, its impact on corporates and the supplier community, and the new relationships that are being formed across the sector.

“We feel BBT is now better positioned at the centre of these networks to bring company travel and meetings buyers a clearer view, both online and in print, of this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

“We hope the new-look BBT gives you the right mix of information, discussion and inspiration.”

Meanwhile, is currently undergoing a redesign, with other special digital projects coming soon.

Read the full digital edition of the September/October issue here

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