The GTMC has announced that CEO Adrian Parkes will retire and step down from his role this summer.

Parkes joined the GTMC after a career in the travel sector, which included senior roles at bmi, Etihad Airways and Portman (now part of Clarity). He took up the position of CEO at the GTMC in September 2017.

During his tenure, Parkes has spearheaded an education programme to promote careers in business travel, launching partnerships with universities such as Bournemouth and training providers such as Travilearn.

Parkes has overseen what the GTMC calls a “turbulent” time in the industry, with major regulatory changes, the advancement of New Distribution Capability (NDC) and the uncertainty of Brexit.

In 2018, he also introduced the Entrepreneurs in Business Travel Award, an initiative designed to promote and encourage start-ups operating in the corporate travel sector. The second annual award will be announced at the 2019 Overseas Conference in Noordvijk in the Netherlands.

Parkes is also a regular contributor to Buying Business Travel, writing a column in each issue and providing valuable insight on industry topics.

GTMC chairman Paul Allan said: “I am extremely proud and grateful for all that has been achieved during Adrian’s leadership of the GTMC. Not least, he has been instrumental in shaping relations with both IATA and the leading European travel associations, as NDC becomes more and more a reality. Additionally, he has been the driving force behind the strides the GTMC has taken to future-proof the sector through various education initiatives. He will be leaving with our thanks and very best wishes. We have started the process to appoint the next GTMC CEO and we look forward to sharing news of the appointment in due course.”

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