Diversity Travel has provided ten tips for corporate travel managers who have disabled business travellers…

1. Create a culture where employees are comfortable in admitting to a pre-existing medical condition, and ensure this is reflected in company travel policy.

2. Allow plenty of time. Security checks may take a little longer if, for example, your traveller requires assistance removing shoes or if they have a large amount of medication.

3. Make sure your travellers are comprehensively insured. You need to check that the policy covers any claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions, or occasions such as an unexpected change of plane type to one that isn’t accessible.

4. If the traveller has a pre-existing medical condition, ensure they take a list of requirements translated into the relevant language. Supplies and equipment may be difficult to obtain when travelling.

5. Ensure that you have a pre-trip authorisation process in place to establish if travellers are fit to undertake the itinerary.

6. Up-to-date profile information is especially essential for those with specific needs. A procedure needs to be in place to ensure that information held is always current and is easily updatable.

7. Work with your TMC to build a database of vendors and suppliers who are suited to your travellers’ needs.

8. Give your TMC as much notice as possible to ensure that they can source the widest range of relevant options.

9. Encourage feedback and comments from travellers post trip, and communicate this to your TMC.

10. Promote successful travel experiences to others in the company to highlight the value of these individuals to the organisation, and encourage others to consider travel.

Tips were provided by Diversity Travel’s head of sales Sean De Lacey

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