Corporate card specialist Airplus is to develop a new booking and payment platform with sharing economy accommodation giant Airbnb.

The automated Airplus solution will allow the booking, payment and billing of business travel transcations with Airbnb. It will be introduced “during the coming year”.

Patrick Diemer, managing director of Airplus, said: “More and more business travellers wish to make use of the flexibility that the sharing economy offers. At the same time, travel managers wish to track compliance and costs.

“Together with Airbnb, we are pleased to combine flexible booking, automated payment and billing as well as transparent cost management into a single solution.”

The platform will allow travellers to book accommodation with Airbnb, which will then be automatically be billed to the corporate account. Information such as cost centre, project code and employee number will also be captured and passed on to travel managers.

Lex Bayer, group head of business development, payments and Airbnb for Business, added: “We are excited to be partnering with Airplus making it even more convenient for business travellers to choose Airbnb when booking business trips.

“Providing additional payment options through Airplus will help us better support the growing popularity of Airbnb with both the corporate traveller and travel manager.”

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