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Cross Country removes £10 Advance change fee

Cross Country Trains have removed the admin fee charged for changing the date and time on an Advance ticket.

The rail operator said the £10 fee will be waived if the advance ticket was booked direct on Cross Country’s website.

It said the removal of this fee makes rail ticketing “simple and advance fares more accessible”.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, has welcomed the initiative: “Rail passengers want options and they don’t want to be penalised for needing more flexibility.

“CrossCountry introduced advance on the day fares to ensure those who need to wait until the day to buy are not paying higher booking office prices, this takes that flexibility a step further. At a time when fares are increasing, this flexibility is welcomed”. 

The company has also introduced further benefits for booking direct such as cheaper advance fares available up to 15 minutes before departure, an interactive seat selector tool and no booking fees.

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Anthony Smith should be ashamed of himself. He is effectively supporting discrimination against other booking channels such as Evolvi and TheTrainline which are much more useful to travellers than a rail companies own website.

Maybe he should consider his position and lets have someone who is truly independent and a champion of the consumer and not the train operating companies.

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour!

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Disgusted! (not verified)

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