Click Travel is launching a new function allowing business travellers to hold rail tickets during the booking process.

The technology specialist TMC said that it could now offer the facility of holding a rail ticket and its price for up to two hours.

Click said that this new function would particularly help travellers who needed to secure pre-trip approval before making a booking. The system emails users to let them know when authorisation has been granted and bookings are automatically cancelled if they are not confirmed within the two-hour period.

Simon Mclean, Click’s managing director, said: “Holding rail tickets has been a common feature request from our customers, so we’re delighted to deliver this unique innovation.

“This is yet another example of where developing and controlling all of the technology we deliver to customers enables us to out-innovate our competitors who are compromised by their third-party technology.”

The company added that the hold process applied to all ticket types including advance purchase tickets and all delivery mechanisms including ticket on departure.




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