Drum Cussac has also pinpointed Nicaragua, Cambodia and Yemen as the destinations with the biggest increase in security rating in its latest RiskMonitor whitepaper, following Ipsos Mori research that reveals 64% of travel security professionals believe the risks their travellers face have increased in the past 12 months.

The risk advisory company has analysed global risks during this year’s first two quarters, and highlights how political divisions, insurgent parties and populist policies are affecting Europe. The company’s analyst team have anticipated a short-term increase in political instability in Italy, for example, following the introdcution of its first populist government.

Elsewhere, it warns how the “Velvet Revolution”, which swept Armenia’s leader from power in May, had created operatiional challenges in the country – although it notes the country’s risk ratings have “returned to normalcy when a government of national accord was formed”.

A similar situation is reported in Zimbabwe: there has been instability following the de facto coup, which kept the political risk high. However, Drum Cussac predicts a period of stability following successful elections in the latter half of 2019, which would allow it to decrease the political risk rating. 

To download the whitepaer, go to the Drum Cussac website.

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