Social media can be a positive part of both your business and your travel programme – If used correctly. Here is a short list of Do’s and Don’ts of using social media

Don’t worry that introducing corporate social media will undermine your travel programme. Be part of the conversation instead of being an outsider looking in.

Do use social media to communicate with your employees. Big companies are already using Twitter to do this. Look at the employee-focused Twitter feeds of UPS (@UPSers) and Starbucks (@Starbucksprtnrs) to see how it can be done well, particularly if you are a geographically scattered organisation.

Don’t think of social media as a one-way tool. The whole point is for the relationship to be two-way, with travellers giving their feedback.

Do consider adding social media etiquette guidelines to your HR policy. When your travellers are checking-in at certain locations and posting status updates that do not have geolocation turned off, what information are they giving your competitors?

Twitter accounts worth following:

@boudaHQ Travel management consultancy Bouda regularly tweets links to interesting articles on business travel, as well as engaging conversation with those in the industry.

@JibberJabberJo The Twitter handle of Jo Seabright at Chiltern Railways gives the game away really – prepare for a torrent of Twitter goodness, both industry and personal.

@TheGTMC Hyperactive in recent months, this feed provides a mix of Industry comment and links to GTMC‘s own material, as well as the occasional selfie from CEO Paul Wait.

@Paultilstone The GBTA‘s head of global development tweets a good mix of GBTA content, industry news and personal observations.

List extracted from the article Going Social by Mark Frary

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