American Express and Airbnb have announced a deal to allow Amex customers to use loyalty points to book with the “sharing economy” accommodation platform.

The agreement means that Amex card members in the US will be able to sign up with Airbnb and book accommodation using their existing Amex user IDs and passwords.

Customers can also use their Amex Membership Rewards points to pay for their accommodation directly with Airbnb as a partial or full payment.

Leslie Berland, Amex’s executive vice president for global marketing, said: “With this partnership, we’re creating a frictionless and valuable way for them to take advantage of everything Airbnb has to offer.

“Through our technology, we’re bringing to life our unique assets on Airbnb.”

Lex Bayer, Airbus’ head of global payments and business development, added: “This partnership makes booking an Airbnb in over 190 countries seamless and allows card members to be verified with their American Express login.”

Airbnb has also strengthened its business travel programme by allowing hosts to list their properties as being “Business Travel Ready” which means that they offer facilities such as wifi, designated workspace, iron, hairdryer and 24-hour check-in. These listings also have a policy of not allowing any host cancellations within seven days.

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