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Brits miss bed when travelling

Business Travel Show and ASAP research shows serviced apartment use is on the up

A survey by Egencia, the business travel arm of Expedia, revealed that British business travellers miss their bed more than their children when away from home.

The fourth edition of the Business Travel and Technology Survey found that children and beds are missed equally around the globe, but UK travellers are more likely to pine for their mattress than their offspring (42 per cent compared to 33 per cent). The French, however, are the opposite, with 42 per cent thinking of their kids compared to 28 per cent missing their own bed.

Spouses topped the global list of things missed while travelling at 50 per cent (55 per cent in the UK).

To ease the burden of longing for home comforts, 42 per cent of UK firms offer time off work as compensation for travel over other perks such as in-flight wifi, non-stop flights and class upgrades (33 per cent each globally). The good news is extra time away from the office following a trip doesn’t affect work output, as 26 per cent think this added bonus will help them stay productive.

You can view a full infographic of the study’s findings at

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