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Travel policies adopting sharing economy

Chrome River sharing economy infographic

Expense management and invoice automation solutions provider Chrome River has found that more than three-quarters of medium to large companies now cover shared economy services such as Uber and Airbnb in their travel policies.

The findings revealed that of companies with travel policies in place, 78 per cent allow employees to use ride-sharing services, while 68 per cent permit the use of shared accommodation.

Of the finance executives surveyed, one in six prohibits ride-sharing and 24 per cent block employees from staying in shared accommodation. Only 13 per cent mandate the use of ride-sharing services, with 12 per cent requiring shared accommodation. Among companies whose policy permits use of sharing economy services, only 21 per cent have made it mandatory for ground transportation and 23 per cent for lodging.

Alan Rich, CEO of Chrome River, said: “Corporate travel and expense policies should be agile enough to address the ever-changing nature of business travel. It’s refreshing to see that larger organisations have already incorporated sharing economy services into their policies. Forward-thinking corporate travel leaders understand that employees live increasingly mobile-centric lives. They expect to have the freedom to plan, book and expense business travel on any device. Companies can rely on their expense systems to handle it from the compliance perspective.”

View the full infographic here.

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