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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

New tool catches spend leakage

Mobile travel booking could expose businesses to travel spend leakage

Data aggregation provider Traxo has launched a new system called Traxo Filter, which it says can help travel programme managers maintain visibility on all bookings, even if they’re made off-policy.

With GBTA Foundation research finding that nearly 40 per cent of corporate travel spend is booked outside companies’ official managed channels, Traxo says it is trying to provide businesses with visibility on ‘leakage’ to help them better manage programme spending and maintain duty of care.

The data parsing technology integrates directly into a company’s central email server and automatically detects all travel reservation confirmation emails and post check-out hotel folios received by an employee’s corporate email account. Traxo says it recognises emails from more than 5,000 unique airline, hotel, car rental and travel agency sources globally, which the company claims ensures virtually any off-channel bookings are captured.

Traxo Filter is currently compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google G Suite email systems. Traxo says that because the tool is controlled by each company’s own IT department, it is secure, transparent, configurable and fully auditable. It claims installation can take as little as 20 minutes.

Any bookings captured by Filter are immediately displayed in an online dashboard that provides corporate travel managers with a real-time overview of employee itinerary information and the company’s entire travel spend. From the centralised dashboard, data can be shared with TMCs, expense and risk management departments or business intelligence applications.

Andres Fabris, founder and CEO of Traxo, said the tool was designed specifically based on feedback from corporate travel managers, who wanted a system that detected off-channel bookings without waiting for input from employees.


Certainly sounds slick and easy but in my experience most travellers who book off channel receive confirmations and invoices using their personal email address as that is usually what one stores in the vendor's loyalty program profile. So those would continue undetected under this system.

Werner Jansen's picture
Werner Jansen (not verified)

Thanks for your feedback Werner! This is definitely a common occurrence, although it does vary by company. The most common scenarios we've heard from clients are for things like conferences and client meetings, which typically are booked via the work email address. However, as you note, there are many other cases where an employee may book with their personal profile (and/or forget to change the email address to send to), so we've also included with the Traxo FILTER product a private-branded client mailbox, where employees can forward those confirmation emails made with their personal accounts.

Alas, there is no silver bullet to this challenge, but we believe that Traxo FILTER helps capture a significant portion this "blind" spend, which helps make life much easier for the corporate travel and finance managers.

Cara @ Traxo's picture
Cara @ Traxo (not verified)

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