London City airport has reopened as normal today after authorities were able to move a World War Two bomb found in King George V Dock.

The bomb was discovered embedded in the bed of the Thames on Sunday during planned works at the airport, which was eventually closed as police set up an exclusion zone surrounding the ordinance, which also forced the evacuation on local residents.

The airport remained closed all through Monday, with hundreds of flights cancelled or rescheduled.

After hours of investigation, the Royal Navy and Met Police managed to move the 500kg ordinance with a flotation device to an area where it can be safely detonated. The exclusion zone has now been lifted and flights can operate as normal.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City airport, said: “I would like to thank the Navy, Police and the London Borough of Newham for their professionalism and expertise in bringing this incident to a safe conclusion.

“Finally, to everyone who has been affected – whether you were due to fly on Monday, were evacuated from your home or had your commute to work disrupted by the DLR closure – thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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