Airfare and hotel price tracking service provider Yapta has launched its Intelligent Price Tracking services on the Amadeus global distribution system (GDS), allowing corporates to utilise the company’s FareIQ and RoomIQ solutions.

Yapta says its price-tracking technology helps bookers capture savings at all points of sale. It is currently used by more than 7,000 companies and has saved them more than $120 million in combined savings. It claims average trip savings total $369 per trip by tracking airfare and hotel prices.

FareIQ, Yapta’s airfare tracking service, provides insight into corporate fares and points out opportunities to re-book tickets at lower prices. Upon recognising savings, the system can automatically re-book tickets without the need for action from managers, bookers or agents.

Meanwhile, RoomIQ provides a similar solution for international hotel bookings, looking for rate reductions at the same hotel. RoomIQ issues an alert when it finds a better rate, allowing travellers and managers to rebook if they wish.

James Filsinger, president and CEO of Yapta, said: “The Amadeus footprint, particularly in the European travel market, is the largest of its kind and will enable thousands of companies around the world to immediately utilise our price assurance solutions to reduce travel costs and establish new confidence in their travel programmes.”

Filsinger was named as an ‘Industry Influencer’ in the 2018 BBT Hotlist.

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