Risk management firm iJet International has launched Worldcue Communicator, the newest addition to its Worldcue platform that allows two-way communications from its Companions application.

The new capability means organisations can immediately initiate communication with travellers who may be affected a security incident.

Companies can choose a customisable message to be sent to the employee from Worldcue Companion via one or more channels, including SMS text messages, email or an in-app ‘push’ notification via the traveller’s Worldcue mobile app. Travellers can reply to confirm their safety or signal their need for assistance. All responses are monitored in real-time through the Companion dashboard, and messages can be automatically re-sent to individuals who have not responded to the initial communication.

According to iJet, Worldcue Companion provides access to operational intelligence with real-time insight into threat exposure via a dashboard that depicts the locations of travellers around the world and what events may impact them. The mobile app delivers actionable information and support to the traveller, giving them access to intelligence and a contact point for emergencies near their home office or while away.

Bruce McIndoe, president of iJet International, said: “Because issues and incidents can arise at any time in any location, organisations both need and want to be proactive about keeping their people informed and safe.”


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