Chauffeur drive company Blacklane has added a new emissions-free Green Class to its offering, bringing the Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles to its fleets across the world.

The vehicles will be available in Adelaide, Amsterdam, Auckland, Austin, Basel, Birmingham, Denver, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Lisbon, London, Milan, Montreal, Munich, Paris, Phoenix, Sydney and Zurich for Blacklane’s airport transfer services.

The Green Class expands Blacklane’s offering beyond its current Business, Business Van/SUV and First classes that are available in 260 cities worldwide. The company says it plans to expand the new vehicle choice to new cities as local chauffeurs add qualifying cars to their fleets.

Blacklane has been making strides toward its environmental commitments, offsetting its carbon emissions from all rides globally last year and becoming certified carbon-neutral recently.

Jens Wohltorf, co-founder and CEO of Blacklane, said: “We welcome battery-electric chauffeur-quality vehicles from all premium automakers to our fleet. Supporting business and leisure travellers with green travel options is essential to a healthy planet. We are proud to combine zero emissions with the vehicle comfort, quiet and performance that passengers expect.”

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